Jesus Christ Ministries

Our Vision

The Big Picture:
There are only three entities required to achieve exponential project and ministry success in our world:
1st God – God in His manifest presence going forth, dividing the enemy, blessing by His right hand and directing the actions of His children in all of the ways he ordains
2nd Body – A complete body of believers that expeditiously responds to His direction and at all cost makes any sacrifices necessary to fulfill His glory and direction in their lives
3rd Finance – God owns the wealth of our world and we as His children are in a position to steward that wealth well. Through strategically funding Christian projects, God will move in our realm without financial or worldly limitation.

The Mechanism to Provide for the Vision:
It is envisioned that once the above three prerequisites are seamlessly integrated, and all actions become bound directly by the Holy Spirit and the right hand of God, there will be nothing in spirit or on earth that will stop the movement of the ministry. Any spiritual mission, vision or goal can and will be achieved through the efforts of this amalgamated and organized team.

It is for this purpose that a “Round Table” is being formed. This figurative table will consist of professionals of all walks and expertise that are top in their fields and strong in their walk with Jesus Christ. Members of the Round Table will respond quickly to the direction of our Lord and direct capital of all types (spiritual, intellectual and financial) to the many works of Jesus Christ. Together we will act as the hands and feet of our Lord, directly creating change on our earth by facilitating the work of God through supporting missionaries, ministries and leaders of all types. It has been envisioned that the Round Table will encompass 15 seats. Filling each seat will be Godly representation in the areas of: Through the amalgamated expertise and spiritual sensitivity of the leaders providing services stemming from the Round Table, God’s work will be realized in our world without limitation.

Together, the Round Table group of professionals will posses an unparalleled amount of intellectual capital and through their quorum we will be able to support any type of ministry at any scale and provide assistance for any type of project and for every type of need. This Round Table group (lead completely by God as the head) will act as an embodiment of God’s right hand stretching out in our world, changing lives and circumstances and impacting our nations through the ministries and projects the Round Table (JCM) funds and supports.

Members of the Round Table may not be personally required to fulfill the needs of ministries receiving support from JCM; partnering relationships may also be utilized for this purpose, however each partnering service must be represented by the active involvement of each Round Table member. This ensures the strong and capable management abilities of JCM and quick, relevant and accurate responsiveness within the ministry to the direct demands of clients and projects assumed by JCM.