Jesus Christ Ministries

Present Objectives

Present Objectives:
  1. To create a sustainable source of revenue based upon substantial amounts of seed and invested capitol. The created revenue will then be strategically invested into Christian ventures with the intent to further the work of Jesus Christ.
  2. To fulfill the vision of JCM and the “Round Table” by procuring talented and strong spiritual men and women of God who’s given areas of expertise and direct relationships will be leveraged to fulfill the visions, dreams, aspirations and callings of local and global ministries for Christ.
  3. To align the above with specific Christian projects that will yield a return on investment while furthering Christ’s kingdom on our earth.
Types of Projects we Would Support:
The following projects act only as examples of the types of projects we would facilitate.

David's Temple
A Christian Coffeehouse / Restaurant that will act as a collaborative community presence to be enjoyed by both the Christian and Non-Christian community.
The main aim is to create a restaurant / coffeehouse environment where Christians can strengthen their walks and minister to others in a safe and open atmosphere.

The Best of All Time - Internet Radio
A grassroots ministry dedicated to ministering to the unsaved world by directly inserting Christian "witnessing" music into a "Best of All Time" secular music format, while also leading the changing trends in the radio industry by spearheading new technologies that are yet unseen to the business and radio world.

The Christian News Network (TCNN)
An investigative news ministry that reports on miracles of Christ in an objective, informative and accurate manner.