Jesus Christ Ministries

Our Logo

An Explanation of Our Logo:
It is important to keep our mission and vision at the forefront of all proceedings, therefore our logo has been designed in a very specific way:
You will notice there are four distinct colours and sections in the JCM logo:

Signifies God: The presence of God and His right hand, God in His completeness as He states: the great I AM. His unstoppable, all knowing, all wise and all encompassing presence is what makes JCM and its efforts possible. His presence will always be at the forefront of every aspect of the JCM ministry. Summation: God goes before us and prepares the path; we then move in obedience to Him and fulfill what He needs on this earth in order to advance His kingdom. He is our guiding light and our conqueror, all glory goes to Him.

Falling under the protection of the forward advancing Father (as the logo points in a forward direction) we sit at our figurative Round Table with God as the head. This is where we as children of God make crucial and impact full decisions regarding the forwarding of funds and talents to selected ministries. The circle representing the Round Table is red because we sacrifice ourselves (in praise and prayer) every day and consecrate our lives to live to the fullest of the spirit in every possible way. We live according to the word striving to ensure no work of the enemy will distract our cause or personal walk in any manner. This is most important to the success of JCM.

Represents the world’s resources (financial and otherwise) that through the decisions and actions of the Round Table we will be routed directly into God’s kingdom. A substantial amount of funds and talents will be directed to the furtherment of God’s work here on earth. Because of this, through our direction, the green in the logo moves toward the advancing blue section at the head of the logo. As God chooses the path and moves forward, we do what we can to support Him.

Represents the Holy Spirit binding us together and keeping our impenetrable capsule (as a logo) operating as a strong and undivided unit. This unit being directed by God will be able to penetrate through any known barrier and provide an embodiment of God’s right hand on our earth. It is through His Spirit, the Father and the Son that all ministry and successes are made possible. Through him is how we will change our world.

The JCM lettering is white, because through Christ the ministry is washed clean. We are clothed completely and only by Him.