Jesus Christ Ministries

Maintaining Integrity

The Main Key to Our Success:
The enemy will obviously desire to destroy our efforts and coherence as a family unit / army marching against him. He will also try to distract our JCM direction from being truly God centered to becoming a corrupt political or spiritual blasphemy. It is for these reasons why it is the first mandate of every individual seated at the Round Table to live a life selflessly dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ and to not get personally distracted by the lures of the enemy in any way. By all members standing on strong and well rooted spiritual ground, we will be able to collaboratively make right and righteous decisions as a unified body bound together by the Holy Spirit. We will conquer like in the days of Joshua when he took hold of the Promised Land. We will stand in the gap and not let sin enter our camp so that our mission and direction will remain pure and true and will not become discreetly or subtly thwarted or corroded by the enemy. It is the result of our decisions and actions that creates the successful furtherment of God’s kingdom through JCM and the living of our lives in an obedient fashion is what helps us stay on course and make the right decisions all along the path.

Handling Sin:
The spirit of division, selfishness, politics, jealousy and other like bondages or strongholds are not permitted at the Round Table in any way. Any work of the enemy in this manner must be publicly exposed and dealt with before any business is conducted at the Round Table. Reason Being: JCM will inadvertently take on the personality and passions of all of those seated at the Round Table therefore we must stay focused on our own successful personal walks with Jesus and strive to live our lives as a model of Christ. JCM must never be used as a tool for personal political gain or be held captive to such spirits. If the day ever arises that JCM falls to the influence of the enemy and turns against its core purpose, JCM is to be immediately disbanded and replaced by a new mission that is strictly Jesus Christ centered. Needless to say, because of the tremendous power JCM will possess, a strong and established spiritual walk is a pre-requisite for any member wishing to achieve a decision making position at the Round Table. There will be other ways of involvement that may also be possible for those whom desire an active role with JCM. In all cases, a spirit of servitude to one another is key to our growing success and is a needed characteristic for any member seeking a position at the Round Table or a role within JCM.