Jesus Christ Ministries

Rules Of Engagement

JCM Rules of Engagement:
There will be all measures taken to ensure:
  1. JCM funds and support structures are only to be utilized on projects that will (or have been) deeply and positively impacting God’s kingdom in direct and measurable ways. JCM project support is not to be used for private, commercial or governmental projects that are not 100% Christ based.
  2. JCM will commit to establishing the success of any supported project by providing on demand intellectual, management, prayer or other support required by the ministry.
  3. All supported projects and parties must allow JCM to facilitate their success in the ways JCM deems appropriate
  4. JCM will not personally take a main ownership or management role within a ministry it supports. The main goal of JCM is not to take over ministries, but to facilitate them to further the work of Christ’s kingdom. JCM can operate in a manner that it benefits (financially or otherwise) from the projects supported, but JCM will not acquire any ministry in its actions. This decision is made so that JCM’s core mission will not become dilute over time. Specific financial terms and partial ownership details can be outlined prior to project support as a gratification for the services rendered by JCM. These funds will then be utilized to further JCM’s mission with other projects and ministries. JCM management teams can work directly with and within supported ministries of JCM as long as their involvement does not complicate the successful operation and decision making capabilities of JCM as a whole.
  5. JCM project funding and support will not be utilized for unilateral personal gain of any party, internal or external and JCM will only act in ways that are congruent to the definition of Love in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8. Through this action JCM offers to harm no individual or ministry through the actions granted by members of the Round Table or decisions made through the Round Table.
  6. No matter what project decisions are made through the year, JCM’s principal fund must grow at a rate of no less than 10% per annum. The principle funds of JCM will never be accessed or reduced by any party and all projects assumed by JCM must not risk the financial or credible viability and sustainability of JCM.