Jesus Christ Ministries

Round Table Covenant

Personal Pledge of Round Table members:
To align ourselves to the movements of God, passionately chasing after Him, and following His authority, leadership, protection and guidance in every way; we will utilize the funds and talents presented to us only to further the kingdom and Christ’s work in our nation and our world.

Round Table Covenant:
All parties seated at the Round Table must agree to this covenant:
  1. To commit to living a life of dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ and by His word, wilfully deciding to steer clear from sin and any acts of the enemy that may disrupt their personal walk; and to conduct themselves with one another and toward all ministries and individuals within their circle of influence following the guidelines set forth in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 and its definition of love.
  2. To personally maintain relationships of accountability with strong and Godly Christians outside of the influence of the Round Table.
  3. To ensure all Round Table decisions lead to the furtherment of God’s kingdom and to ensure all Round Table decisions do not damage the long term sustainability or viability of JCM in any manner.
  4. To conduct themselves in a selfless manner wilfully excluding their involvement or sanction in situations of corrupt personal political gain, gossip, slander, or any actions that could be considered damaging to themselves, members of the Round Table, or any individual within their circle of influence or community.
  5. To ensure their personal Christian beliefs do not inhibit relationships within JCM, members at the Round Table, or clients of JCM. Personal Christian beliefs must not inhibit the decision making abilities of JCM or any partner within the ministry. By understanding we all come from different Christian walks, and might have differences in perspective when it comes to our Christian walk, any minor differences or personal opinions must not be allowed to cripple the JCM in any way.
  6. To resolve any conflicts within JCM, the Round Table and within their circle of influence as according to the guidelines set forth by: Matthew 18:15-17. Each member must also be willing to accept the guidance of their mentors or other spiritual leaders appointed by them in their lives. The outline for conflict resolution within JCM strictly follows the guideline set out by: Matthew 18:15-17. Gossip, slander or conspiring in any way is not permitted within JCM.
  7. To ensure that JCM is never abused or used for personal, organizational, political or financial gain and to pass on the core values of JCM to future generations of Round Table members. Every member commits to playing an active role in ensuring JCM stays founded only upon the word of God and directed His manifest presence, guidance and leadership. Each member commits to ensuring the direction JCM does not deviate from its original core mission and vision for any reason.
  8. To ensure JCM stays open to all applicant types without discrimination. Every member will ensure that each applicant’s request will be accepted or denied based only upon:
    • The merits of the applicant’s ministry, vision, direction, capabilities or other criteria set forth by the Round Table quorum.
    • Prayerful consideration and leadership of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    • The same criteria utilized for every other applicant.
    No personal tie or political connection will be permitted to sway the decision making capabilities of the Round Table or inhibit the performance of JCM and the Round Table.
  9. To earnestly make an attempt to attend all planned JCM meetings and while in attendance (or performing any duty with JCM), consciously decide to follow the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ above all desires of the flesh. JCM meetings should never become “business as usual” but always remain founded in a spirit of reverence and obedience. It is our approach to Round Table meetings that will spiritually set us apart from other “board type” meetings and ensure our sensitivity and obedience to the spirit of God is kept at all times.
  10. To ensure JCM is will never become over-burdened by new projects or demands that might require their skills. It is better to do few projects well than many projects poorly.
  11. To take a direct role (as management or in person) within the projects they assume as a Round Table member and to ensure the completion of the work they commit to within the timelines they set. Round Table members should never become separated from the projects they agree to assume. Round Table members play a role of not only to making decisions, but also actively involving themselves in decisions they make. By staying firm to this model, we will ensure Round Table decisions, discussions and directions never become distanced from the actual projects and lives they impact. By working with this “flat” model, JCM and Round Table members will ensure their ability to stay relevant to the work they support and stay readily and quickly adaptable to our world and projects as change around us. All round table members are required to have an intimate knowledge of each project JCM assumes to the level in which they must be involved.
  12. To hold in confidence all information, discussions or decisions made by the Round Table members at JCM meetings. Any communicated information, materials, client information or other JCM related data will be held in the strictest of privacy using at least the same degree of care the receiving party employs with respect to their own confidential information. All communication, correspondence, client information or any other project data will always be assumed to be classified confidential unless mutually agreed upon by the Round Table quorum.
  13. To renew this contract on an annual base when choosing to remain at the Round Table for a term longer period than a one year and give at least 90 days notice if reducing their position to being no longer an active part of the Round Table.
  14. To ensure every new Round Table member is accepted or rejected only by their spiritual calling, personal walk, skill sets and ability to fall in line with the mission and vision of JCM.
Personal Intercession:
The purpose of Intercessors, Clergy and all members within JCM are not to only to provide support for the projects JCM chooses to assume, but also to support, enlighten and encourage JCM and Round Table members as a whole. If any Round Table or JCM member finds a personal requirement for prayer, counselling or support in any other way, they should please feel free to utilize the talents shared by the JCM ministry staff and Round Table members. Through our mutual guidance and support, we will all benefit from talents around the Round Table and deepen relationships found within the ministry. We are family, and we are here to support each other however we can. By supporting each other we remain strong; when we are strong, our ministry is strong and through our ministry, others are richly blessed. Thank you for reading this document and possibly participating at JCM’s Round Table.